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Warmly welcome the leadership of Zhuzhou Branch of China Post Group to visit us
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   On the morning of March 7, leaders of Zhuzhou Branch of China Post Group came to visitHunan logistics companyGuolian Logistics inspection and exchange, chairman of Guolian Logistics Liu Tiepeng, general manager Wang Bin, deputy general manager Xie Jiao Lian, deputy general manager Zhang Jinou and other warm reception and accompanied the whole process。
   The leaders of Zhuzhou Branch of China Post Group visited the logistics park and the office area of the company successively, focusing on understanding the work of the new media department of the company. As a new media industry is developing rapidly, we learn from each other and make progress together。
   At the symposium, Liu Tiepeng, chairman of Guolian Logistics, extended a warm welcome to the leaders of the Zhuzhou Branch of China Post Group and expressed gratitude for the support of the Zhuzhou Branch of China Post Group。Guolian Logistics will conform to the high-quality development trend of the new era, seize major opportunities, actively follow up the decision-making and deployment of the municipal government, accelerate the integration into the overall development of Zhuzhou City, and strive to build a high-quality logistics enterprise in the city。It is also hoped that the two sides can strengthen cooperation in the modern logistics industry, constantly expand cooperation areas, improve cooperation levels, and work together to achieve a higher level of win-win cooperation。
   After negotiation, both sides agreed that cooperation is conducive to giving full play to their advantages and experience, working together to weave the logistics network of Zhuzhou, forming the effect of "1+1 > 2", which is more conducive to promoting the development of Zhuzhou logistics industry and making greater contributions to the construction of Zhuzhou logistics industry。


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