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Perfect network, huge vehicle resources to help you cut the intermediate links, so that the freight rate is more economical and reasonable。


There is no uniform standard for freight in the transportation industry,Charges are generally based on distance and cargo availability,Heavy cargo is charged by weight,Cargo is charged by volume,Drugs and so on are calculated on a piece-by-piece basis,Different time,There are certain differences in the charges for different goods,This mainly depends on the specific situation of the customer to ship the goods,As our client,We'll give you a more economical shipping quote。
Types of logistics freight
1, according to the different mode of cargo transport and requirements, can be divided into vehicle transport price and less than load transport price;
2, according to the different transportation distance, can be divided into long-distance freight, short-distance freight;In addition, according to the different transport characteristics and conditions, there are intermodal transport rates, special trip rates, special cargo rates, and regional distribution rates。
Features of shipping quote:
① In the price composition includes the distance, weight, cargo specifications and other factors, the calculation unit has ton-kilometer freight;
(2) Different rates agreed in the contract of carriage depending on the type of goods transported, the mode of transport chosen and the distance of transport。

The shipper and the carrier can agree on the specific contents of the contract according to the actual situation of the goods under the premise of reaching a cooperative relationship。The form of the contract of carriage should be written, but different modes of carriage have different provisions on the form of the contract of carriage。Generally speaking, the consignment bill or cargo waybill is the basic form of a contract, and its rights and obligations are often confirmed in accordance with laws, regulations and rules。The parties may also specify their respective rights and obligations by signing specific written contracts。

The contract of carriage of goods should generally have the following main clauses: the main clauses of the contract,Including the carrier, shipper, consignee name and other basic content;Carriage clause,Including transport objects,When transporting goods, the name, type, specification and quantity of the goods shall be clearly stated;Name of place of departure and place of arrival;Price terms;Clauses on liability;Other terms agreed upon by both parties。

1. The cost of the insured goods shall be calculated by multiplying the insured value by the applicable rate of the insured goods。The insurance rate of most goods is between 1‰ and 4‰。

The cost of insurance is only a small part of your total transportation costs, when you transport the goods are lost and other unexpected circumstances, insured transportation is the best choice to protect your legitimate rights and interests。

The shipper shall insure the goods at the actual price of the whole batch of goods, and the actual price of the goods shall be subject to the price put forward by the shipper。

Insured transport and uninsured transport, fully insured and under-insured, there are great differences in the handling of freight accidents。

Second, insured transport is to carry out insured transport in all modes of transport。Insured transport is also known as transport according to the declared value, which means that the shipper declares the actual value of the goods to the carrier when shipping the goods and pays the insured fee, the carrier carries the goods according to the declared value, and once the goods are damaged, the carrier compensates according to the declared value。

The shipper declares to the carrier the actual value of the goods it consigns, and if the goods are in danger, it can be compensated accordingly。Guolian Logistics and Ping An Property Insurance Company of China cooperate to make a commitment to the safety of your freight。

It is the basic duty of the carrier to carry the goods according to the agreed route, time and place。The carrier shall carry the goods to the agreed place by the usual or agreed route。

During transportation, we will use vehicle positioning systems such as car communication to locate vehicles and personnel in real time and SMS scheduling, track playback, fleet management, personnel management, etc., to discover and deal with transportation problems in a timely manner。In addition, there are full-time customer service to track the goods and information feedback, so that your goods flow safely and quickly to the destination。


The carrier shall safely deliver the goods to the agreed place within the agreed period or within a reasonable period。Transportation period is a very important time limit in transportation, according to the distance of transportation, the time is not exactly the same, under normal circumstances is generally 3 to 7 days to arrive。Depending on the weather and road conditions at the time, it is necessary to remind you that the time spent on transportation is an uncertain factor, especially when shipping less than carload, you should leave enough time。In addition, because we can not control the non-human factors, occasionally due to weather, road conditions and other natural disaster factors caused by the delay of goods, please give a lot of understanding!

There are generally three kinds of delivery time: first, the agreed time limit, that is, the time limit agreed by the two parties to transport the goods from place A to place B。The second is the legal time limit, and the delivery time limit stipulated by relevant transport laws and regulations。The third is a reasonable period, generally refers to the provisions of laws and regulations, the period provided by laws and regulations is a reasonable period, there is no provision, according to the customs of the transportation industry to determine the period, if there is no provision, the period clearly recognized by both parties can also be used as a reasonable period。The reasonable time limit is a fact and should be determined on a case-by-case basis。

The goods we transport are carefully checked and checked before delivery, please the customer face to face when receiving the goods on-site inspection, if there is no problem to confirm the goods, please sign in time when face to face。(If you sign for the goods when you receive the goods, the default is that you confirm that the goods are correct and the logistics transportation is normally completed)。In order to protect your rights and interests, please check carefully before signing. If you find any abnormal situation such as quality, incomplete goods, wrong goods, etc. during inspection, please refuse to sign the goods in person, and contact us immediately, and our full-time customer service staff will help solve it。If there is any damage in transit, please indicate it on the receipt and return the goods directly。(Please be sure to unpack the goods during inspection. If the goods damaged during transportation are not carefully inspected and directly signed, the logistics company can refuse to compensate, so it will bring you unnecessary losses。The goods you refuse will be taken away by the delivery staff and returned to the freight center for unified processing。

Payment methods include cash payment, collect payment, prepayment, monthly settlement, receipt payment, etc., which shall be settled according to the freight settlement method signed by both parties in the Contract of Carriage of Goods。
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